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Realistic Fiction Booklist for Teens

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
by Sherman Alexie (2007)

Struggling with fitting in on the reservation, Junior decides to attend the white high school to get a better education and a chance to be different than the lives he sees before him.

An Abundance of Katherines
by John Green (2006)

When Colin gets dumped by a Katherine for the 19th time, he decides to take a road trip with his friend Hassan (not a terrorist) to clear his head and to discover the mathematic formula for relationships.

Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
by Louise Rennison (2001)

Georgia is trying to deal with an insane cat, a sister who wets the bed, an eyebrow-plucking innocent, and the confusing behavior of her sex god crush.

The Chocolate War
by Robert Cormier (1974)

Jerry Renault refuses to sell chocolates for the school sale and ends up taking on not only the school, but the Virgils, the secret private school society.

Criss Cross
by Lynne Rae Perkins (2005)

A group of teens' lives criss cross with each other as they dabble in crushes, taking guitar lessons, and listening to radio shows.

Dairy Queen: A Novel
by Catherine G. Murdock (2006)

One summer day Red Bend's rival quarterback shows up at D.J.'s farm looking for someone to help him get in shape for the upcoming season.

by Robb White (1973)

Ben acts as a hunting guide for an obnoxious big shot executive who have differing ideas of how to handle an accidental murder of a hermit.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
by E. Lockhart (2008)

At the beginning of the new school year, the most popular guy in school turns his overwhelming attention Frankie's way, but Frankie soon realizes he can't appreciate her full potential. Will becoming a master prankster show him what she is capable of?

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things
by Carolyn Mackler (2005)

Virginia Shreves has developed the Fat Girl Code of Conduct to help raise her status with guys, including her sorta boyfriend, Froggy Welsh the Fourth. But it doesn't help with her over-achiever mom or the fact that her best friend just moved from New York all the way to Seattle.

I Am the Messenger
by Markus Zusak (2006)

Ed, a cabdriver without focus and hopelessly in love with his friend Audrey, surprisingly foils a bank robbery. Ed receives an Ace in his mailbox and becomes the messenger.

It's Kind of a Funny Story
by Ned Vizzini (2006)

Based on the author's own experiences, this novel follows suicidal Craig's experiences at a psychiatric hospital and what led him there.

Just Listen
by Sarah Dessen (2006)

Annabel is a model with two model sisters living in a gorgeous glass house who is anything but popular, outgoing, and happy. She hides during lunch and does not stand up for herself when her former friends attack her. Can she and her family come to terms with their imperfections?

Looking for Alaska: A Novel by John Green (2005)

Miles decides to make a change for his senior year—to transfer to an Alabama private school in search of a "Great Perhaps."

Monster by Walter Dean Myers (2001)

A young black teen on trail for burglary and murder writes down the details of his trial as a movie script. Is he guilty or innocent? Does it matter?

by Patrick Jones (2006) 

Bret struggles to not conform and stand up for him and his friends, but what are the costs?

by Patricia McCormick (2006)

Lakshmi is a 13-year-old girl living in Tibetan village when a stranger comes to town and buys her from her parents, who are poverty-stricken. But does anyone realize what she is being sold to do?

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You
by Peter Cameron (2007)

How do you figure out who you want to be when you don't really like anyone?

by Laurie Halse Anderson (1999)

Melinda has become an outcast overnight—so she only speaks when absolutely necessary. Will she be ever be able to find her voice again?

by Jerry Spinelli (2004)

When Stargirl steps into the halls of Mica High, she challenges the school's goal of normality. Every day she creates a new buzz of excitement but is the school ready for her?

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
by Chris Crutcher (2003)

Sarah and Eric have been best friends and smartass misfits for years. But will Eric lose his misfit status now that he's joined the swim team and is losing weight? And why did Sarah stop talking?  

Whale Talk
by Chris Crutcher (2002) 

T. J. brings together a group of misfits in order to get a bullied outsider a letter jacket.